Meet Dina, Skin Therapist and 90's Movie Extra

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She Says

People can see a bump on their face and immediately assume it’s acne, and begin treating their skin with acne products when it could be resolved with a simple exfoliation routine. Don't automatically assume it's acne!

Hi Dina! What were you doing before you joined the Heyday family?

I started my own business called Flawless Beauty & Apothecary in Park Slope, Brooklyn, which closed around 2008. As soon as I learned that things you put on your skin can make their way into your bloodstream, I was hooked! You start to think about what exactly you’re putting in your body. I studied ingredients, started making my own oils, right from my own kitchen. I studied abroad, came back, got my license, and worked for different brand and retailers. Eventually I made my way to Heyday, and the rest is history. I love Heyday's concept and the careful way we carefully choose the products and brands in our shops, and the integrity we hold as a brand. I had to be a part of it.

You have so much experience in skincare and have studied it all over the world. While absorbing all that knowledge throughout the years, what basic advice would you give to any client?

Externally, exfoliation is key. There is lot of misinformation – people can see a bump on their face and immediately assume it’s acne, and begin treating their skin with acne products when it could be resolved with a simple exfoliation routine. That’s why talking with a Skin Therapist is so important, because we can check and let you know what bumps are pimples, and what could be bumps from something like rosacea. 80% of the people I see who think they have acne typically have congestion. Exfoliation sets congestion free, and things start leaving quicker!

I also tell my clients that the most important thing to me is wanting them to see a difference in the mirror. It's obviously wonderful to feel relaxed and to have your face smell nice and feel nice, but seeing progress in your skincare routine is so crucial to me as your Skin Therapist. To see progress, you need to have your at-home routine down pat. Spend time on your face and find a routine that works best for you, and then talk to me about it. (Or, talk to me about getting one in order!)

You’re clearly a skincare expert, but have you ever made a skincare mistake that you would take back?

Of course! There’s always room for improvement and learning – always. I’ve had some learning moments with peels, specifically leaving a peel on for too long. When we do peels, we’re moving the skin along. It helps it peel and then thicken, while smoothing lines, but it can be a super strong process. With darker skin, if you leave the peel on too long, it won’t brighten, it will darken. This skin removes itself after a period, of course, and you’re left with fresh, bright skin, but yes, I’ve learned about timing, for sure!

What is your favorite product on the Heyday shelves that you use on yourself?

The Image Intense Exfoliating Powder. It's amazing! It’s a brightening powder. It works miracles. In general, though, I love things that are fruity and sugary, because those ingredients always brighten, clarify, hydrate, and helps with skin cell turnover. They're nature's natural skincare ingredients. 

What is your evening facial routine?

I’m 45, and as we get older, our skin cells don’t turn over as quickly. Some people will say to me "you believe in exfoliation too much!," but it’s so important. Christie Brinkley is 63 years old, and said in an interview that exfoliation was key. I thought, “thank you Christie Brinkley! That’s what I’ve been saying!” My night routine is a cleanse, exfoliation, followed by a serum, then a moisturizer. I do a mask twice a week and really put in the time to work on my face.

I’m so glad to know that you use a mask twice a week, because when I was younger I associated masks as a treat that you do for fun when your friend is sleeping over, but it’s actually very important!

You gotta do it – especially in the city. I was born and raised here, and it’s more crowded than it has ever been – your skin picks up a lot! Remember, internal equals external, too. I feel better at my current age than I did when I was younger. Focusing on my skin, eating well, and taking time to meditate has helped me feel better than I ever did before.

Every Skin Therapist at Heyday has a passion for skin, but what else are you passionate about?

I am an entrepreneur through and though. It runs in my veins. I love organic farming, my daughter, my house, my life. My passion is being happy everyday, it’s very simple! I’m so happy to be exactly where I am. I encourage younger people to get out, travel, aspire to do big things, but as I’m getting older and accomplished a lot of personal goals, now I’m happy to taking a moment to breathe and enjoy my life. And a recent passion has been my latest favorite oil – black seed oil! Look up all the benefits, it does amazing things for your body.

Not to go too off topic, but earlier you mentioned that you had appeared in a few 90’s movies for fun...any chance you can mention the names of those films?!

(laughs) I’ve been in a few, and I won’t mention all of them, but I was in this silly scary movie-spoof called Da Hip Hop Witch. You know who was the hip hop witch in the end? Vanilla Ice! It was classic 90’s/early 2000’s. Eminem starred, Mia Tyler was in it. I wasn’t an actress, but I was young and thought “Why not?!” It was bad, but I had fun!

Last question for you: ______day?

Oh no, I always knew this day would come! I should have been prepared for this! Well, let me say this. I always say: boredom is a luxury, because you never know what's around the corner. If you have a moment to be still, enjoy it, and make it a moment of gratefulness. I don’t want to sound cliche, but I will use grateful, because I’m grateful everyday. Have a grateful day!

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