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(Dry) Lip Service: Keeping Winter Lips On Point

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Mini-Facial for Lips

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Lips have their own unique skin, but need exfoliation too.

This time of year, we’re guessing you probably have a few lip balms stashed in bags and pockets. And despite that, you still manage to have that dry lip picking thing going on.

We have a few tricks to keeping lips on-point for the rest of the drier, colder months. In short, your lips need a mini-facial of their own. While you could achieve this with a purchased lip exfoliant, you can stay out of the cold and do this right at home in your kitchen.


1. Lightly exfoliate with a DIY kitchen concoction. Mix together a little coconut oil and brown sugar in small dish. Apply it to your lips and gently rub your lips together or use a fingertip to lightly scrub in small circles. (Potentially bake cookies now that you’ve pulled out some key ingredients.)

2. Give them a hydrating mask. Don’t be afraid to apply your hydrating mask to your lips for a few minutes. (Try not to eat it…) Gently rinse it off. 

3. Finish and lock in the moisture. Finish with your favorite lip balm. To seal in deep moisture (and earn some bonus points), add a drop of facial oil to your fingertips and place it on your lips before applying your favorite lip balm.

Lip Balm Ingredients: What’s The Deal?

Many lip balms are petrolatum (petroleum jelly) based. Know that petrolatum products do seal your lips, but can actually dry lips over time if the skin below them isn’t hydrated to start. Many Skin Therapists avoid petroleum products altogether for health and environmental reasons. There are great lip treatments out there formulated without the big P.

Look for lip balms and treatments with real, nourishing plant oils and seed butters like softening mango and cocoa butter or protective shea. If you’re out in the elements, a protective barrier is key. Look to skin-safe, classic waxes like carnuba or beeswax in the fine print.

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