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Yes, You Should Be Massaging Your Face.

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Facial massage
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did you know?

There are more than 40 muscles in the human face. Don't Google it, the images are kind of gross.
A Quick Take:

• Massaging your face can help bring blood and oxygen to the surface of your skin, stimulate muscle tone, and reduce puffiness

• You should do it.

Ah, face massages.

Sorry, for a moment we started daydreaming...

Face massages are great. Besides feeling crazy relaxing they have tons of benefits when done regularly. It stimulates muscle tone, can reduce the puffiness brought on by everything from too much salt in your food to too much alcohol in your system, and brings blood and oxygen to the surface. ...exhales...

See, we told you it does a lot! Those are just a few reasons it's part of all of our facials. But we aren't the only ones who can do it for you. You can do it for yourself too! Don't worry we won't recommend doing anything like this.

Think of exercising your face like doing crunches or sit-ups. Each time that you smile, chew, frown, or make a duck face for your Instagram story selfie, you are moving muscles in your face. But there are more than 40 muscles in the human face 😮 so it's good to take the time to work on more than just the heavy hitters. 

So here is how you do it.

First, clean your hands. (Or if you're using a cold jade roller, like our favorite one from Herbivore, make sure it has been cleaned.) Then use a cleanser to prepare your face. If you'd like to get the full Heyday experience, use a hot compress on your skin for a few minutes to help loosen the debris trapped within your pores and to allow product be properly absorbed. Our Skin Therapist, Heidi, recommends that you use Rosehip Oil. Rosehip Oil comes from – surprise! – roses. It is rich in Vitamin A, B, and C and Omega-3, 6, & 9. It hydrates skin, promoting firmer looking skin and giving you a little anti-aging boost. It also brightens and evens out skin tone reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, scars, stretch marks, and sun damage (which you shouldn't have because you wear your SPF! Right?!) Another option, should you not have Rosehip Oil on hand, is to use Heyday darling, Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover.

Massages are best when you start in the middle of your face and work outward. This helps with drainage. Start with your fingers between your brows and slide upward and then out. You can repeat this multiple times. Next, massage from the sides of your nose along your cheeks to your ears. Drop one level lower and repeat until you reach your jaw. If you'd like to massage your neck you can do so in vertical strokes from the collarbone upward. 

And that's it! Remember to go slow and for as long as you can, even a minute of it is better than nothing.

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