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Four Things to Keep Your Skin Happily Hydrated This Winter

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Winter very quickly dehydrates your skin, try a hydrating mask to keep your water levels high!

‘Tis this season for deranged radiators and sudden cravings for hand cream. Here’s four of our favorite tips to keep your skin happily hydrated through the rest of winter.

Get a humidifier, stat. A total game changer when it comes to cranky, dry, winter skin. Most of us in New York don’t have control over the heat in our apartments. One of the best ways to combat moisture-slaying steam heat? A cool mist humidifier. Use one of those increasingly rare Bed Bath & Beyond 20% off coupons on one that suits your style (we won’t judge if you get the frog-shaped one.) Super bonus points for this USB-powered desktop humidifier from minimalist shop Leibal at Canal Street Market. (Also, check out Canal Street Market.)

Take shorter hot showers. As the temperatures get colder, hot showers feel totally luxurious. But the steam can dry out your skin. Nobody likes a lukewarm shower, so we’ll just recommend keeping the hot showers as short as possible. Downer, we know, especially if your bathroom looks like that. (Sadly, ours does not.)

Put hand cream by the door. Place your favorite hand cream by your front door. Use some before heading out to keep your paws from getting chapped. It’s a great ritual to start the day. Two of our favorites are the unscented, clean, and hardworking Buckler’s Chapped Skin Remedy for $19 and the luxurious and on-the-go-bag-sized Grown Alchemist Vanilla & Orange Peel Hand Cream for $15.

Incorporate a body exfoliant. Can’t shake that dry skin feeling under your wool sweater? Try exfoliating your body in the shower, something we often over look. Since we took away your longer hot shower just above, add a little something back into the experience. It’ll help your body lotion absorb better in these drier months. The Grown Alchemist Pearl, Peppermint & Ylang Ylang Body Exfoliant for $34 makes any shower look better.

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