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A Nighttime Moisturizer That Will Flood Your Skin With Hydration

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Ursa Major Golden Hour

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Sunflower oil is a great product base that's known to not clog pores like some other oils can.

One of the biggest on-going issues we see in our shops is dehydration. It's easy to have happen to even the most dedicated moisturizer-user in a city that challenges your skin the way that New York City does. Your skin remains moisturized from two sources: oil and water. One (oil), it makes, the other it can't (water). How the two stay balanced is the key to keeping skin happy and healthy. When your skin doesn't have enough water, it will go into overdrive to protect itself. And guess where it will pull moisture from - that's right, it's partner-in-crime, oil. This over-production can be a problem, which is why we've stocked our shelves with many products that can help replenish your skin's hydration levels. One of our favorites is the Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream.

Deeply nourishing, you'd think that this cream is heavy, but it's not! In fact, it's so lightweight you might forget you're even wearing it. But while you are, it floods your skin and then works overtime to lock in all that moisture. With meadowfoam seed oil (which also works to soften up your skin), antioxidant-rich sea buckthorn, and sunflower oil, your skin has a solid crew looking out for you. In fact, we often recommend sunflower oil as a great base for products because it doesn't clog pores as easily as some other oils do. 

Anyway, beyond daily balance, all this hydration will also do wonders for with some longer term concerns some of you talk to us about – evening out skin tone and helping keep those mini-signs of aging at bay. And if that's not enough, Ursa Major made sure to pack this with lots of aloe leaf juice and rose to help reduce redness and irritation. Less irritation + more water = kisses fingers

While you can put a thin layer of this moisturizer on in the morning to hydrate you throughout the day, it really thrives as a nighttime choice. This is when your skin drinks up anything you put on it and it will be happy to restock all of this moisture. You can even mix in a few drops of an oil, like Grown Alchemist's lightweight Antioxidant Facial Oil to keep your routine simple, but your skin's happy balance feeling 💯.

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