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6 Ways To Not Go Totally And Completely Crazy During The Winter

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The Sill

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Vitamin D levels can dip in the winter because of the lack of sunshine. So try a Vitamin D supplement.

Ugh, the winter. The season where you cancel as many plans as possible and wear your blanket as a jacket. But it doesn't have to all be bad! Here are a few weeks that we like to stay warm that don't involve eating a ton of hot cheese.

Warm up inside an infrared sauna.

We’re addicted to the heat of the infrared saunas at HIGHERDOSE. Not only is it great for your skin (hello, Light Therapy), it’s also proven to reduce muscle and joint pains. When its 12ºF out, all we want to do is put on our most low-key Spotify playlist, zone out, and detox away our morning’s chilly commute.

Meditate, breathe deeply, and try a sound bath.

We take an hour each month to meditate as a team in the shop, thanks a visit from MNDFL. Take a mental break and start a practice at this beautiful and un-intimidating studio, which now has three locations, in Greenwich Village, the Upper East Side, and Williamsburg.

Do ’shrooms.

We’re all about increasing our happiness and wellness naturally, especially when it’s super bleak outside. We recently got turned on to FOUR SIGMATIC Mushrooms, a company that incorporates body-and-mind balancing mushrooms into familiar recipes (think hot cocoa, coffee, and delicious smoothies).

Fill your space with greenery.

Beat SAD this winter and sit by a window with a perky new plant from our friends at The Sill in Chinatown. Have a black thumb and afraid of committing planticide? The experts there can guide you on the best easy-to-care for plant for your space.

Try acupuncture.

Heyday member and GOTHAM WELLNESS founder Stefanie DiLibero has been coaching the team here at Heyday for months now on at-home self-care with ball and foam rolling. She’s also opened our eyes (and chakras!) to the ultra healing properties of acupuncture, which may be the perfect Saturday activity to chill you out and release built up stress.

Let your senses literally float away.

Escape the bitter cold air by stopping into LIFT FLOATS in Carroll Gardens. The sensory deprivation tanks feature body temperature Epsom salt water to help you relax, ease muscle tension, fatigue & relief from high blood pressure. Float in utter silence, or choose the soothing music.

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