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A Mask That Will Make Your Skin Feel Like A Million Bucks

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Kantic Mask 2
Photo Credit Hitha On The Go

A long history

Masks have been around for thousands of years. In fact, Cleopatra was known to use them.

There are very few miracles in skincare, despite how much we wish there were. So we do not say this lightly but the Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask by Alchimie Forever is a miracle mask.

First, let's talk a bit about masks and then we'll talk about why this one is the one we're so extra about. Masks are a fun part of skincare because you can put them on and then do literally anything else. You can eat cereal. You can eat pizza. You can eat a salad. (What are other things that people do?) And while they may not be a part of your daily routine, every skin type would benefit from using them weekly, like a good extra credit assignment.

Masks can be broadly organized into two categories: ones that re-hydrate, soothe, and feed the skin nutrients, and ones that aim to detox and pull impurities out of the pores. There are clay masks which harden, cream masks which do not, sheet masks which can be in the shape of a tiger's face, and peel-off rubber masks that you take off in one slow-mo rip. And, of course, each of these mask types can feature different ingredients, leading to different results – for hydration, exfoliation, tightening, detoxifying, delivering antioxidants, and so on.

For right now, let's focus on one of our favorite hydrating masks. The Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask by Alchimie Forever works well for almost all skin types (though truly sensitive skin types should keep an eye out since it has some added fragrance, which we normally steer clear from). Despite being blueberry-based and copper colored, it can be rubbed in like a moisturizer so you can wear it to sleep or in public, like maybe even on a plane. In fact, our Skin Therapist Gregory loves wearing it while traveling since airplanes can be so drying for your skin. "I tried it for a flight to Miami and was unsure about the color because my skin is, well you know [ed note: Gregory is Haitian], and I was like, "what is going to look like for me to wear a mask on this flight?" but it's really translucent." It's great for after the beach or after shaving your face because it reduces redness and brightens up the skin. In fact, Gregory says that he has used it as a spot-treatment for pigmentation when he has a spot that he needs to brighten up a bit, like a scar or blemish. You just cleanse your face, apply the mask generously, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water after 15-20 minutes, and you'll be a-glow.

So maybe next time skip the sheet-mask with ingredients in a language you can't read and try this one with your friends instead.

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