Meet Amy, Skin Therapist & NoMad Shop Manager

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Amy Pellot

She Says

If I could only offer one tip, I would simply say SPF.

Hi Amy! What were you doing before you joined the Heyday family?

I was an educator for many years at the Dermalogica Academy, which was an esthetician school in New York City. Prior to that I was a makeup artist, and worked for lots of brands, including Estée Lauder and MAC. I’ve done fashion week, editorial work, I’ve traveled...I’ve done lots of amazing things within the industry, but skin has always called my name. It was really interesting to think about the different ways I can help fix skin issues, rather than cover them up. I loved finding that beautiful understanding of how different ingredients can positively impact the skin, it’s my passion! 

At Heyday you’re known as a walking encyclopedia when it comes to skin! If you could give someone one tip (just one!) on what you should do for your skin every single day, what would you tell them?

Just one? That’s so hard! If I could only offer one tip, I would simply say SPF. SPF will protect anyone from the damages of the sun, and not just for the cosmetic side of it (i.e. avoiding wrinkles and pigmentation), but it will protect you from skin cancer. I’ve heard people say they only use it when they’re spending the day at the beach or the park, but you really do need it everyday, all year around, even on a cloudy day. Wow, I can’t believe you’re only letting me choose one! 

I know you’re a skin expert, but Is there one big skin skin-related mistake you’ve made that you regret (that you don’t mind sharing with me and our readers)? 

Oh my goodness, absolutely! Alright, it’s confession time. Prior to knowing what I know now, the mistake I often made was that I was the Queen Cherry Picker, meaning I would try anything that was out there. When I was a makeup artist I would try everything on my skin, and a lot of it...well (laughs), it didn’t end well. If I could teach my younger self something it would be to try less products on my face just for the sake of trying them. 

Is there one Heyday product that you just absolutely love and use all the time?

I love so many of them, but the one I use every single day on myself is the Olive Cleanser by Grown Alchemist (note: I’ll link to product once the new shop is up and running!). It’s a creamy, medium-weight cleanser that has a lot of hydrating, calming, and soothing ingredients.  I love it because it’s actually the opposite of what I tend to go for-- I typically do gels or clays out of personal preference-- but this cleanser is a favorite because it gives my skin a smooth finish and leaves me feeling very clean! 

Skin is one of your biggest passions in life. What are your other passions?

One of my oldest passions is painting. I love art history and different mediums of artistic creation. I also love comic books, and have been collecting them for a very long time! I’m a Marvel girl all the way! (Editor's note: Before the interview, Amy told me she had seen the new Marvel movie, Logan, 4 times in one weekend! If you need a buddy to discuss Wolverine with, she’s the Therapist for you). My children are my passion. I’m obsessed with them-- I have two! And travel. I’ve made it a priority throughout my life, and I think it’s impacted the way I approach my relationship with my clients. I’ve come out of my traveling with a deep respect for the differences that makes each person unique. I enjoy the differences that, in a sense, connect all of us, and caring for your skin and it’s specific needs is one of them! 

Where is your favorite place that you’ve traveled?

I love Puerto Rico. I could stay in Culebra forever and watch the sun rise and set. If I had to pick somewhere a little farther, I would say Barcelona! Spain has a beautiful architecture, history, food and music. I really like flamenco dancing – my mother was a flamenco dancer! My dad was a bullfighter, so I have some connection there, too. I love the world – anywhere I go, I always end up falling in love. I could talk about anywhere, anyplace! 

You’re parents story sounds so lovely and romantic. Are they from Barcelona?

No, my mother is from Ecuador. She started flamenco dancing at a young age, just happened to meet a bullfighter, and that’s how that happened!

That’s a fantastic “How did they meet?” story. 

Right?! It’s a great story. I hope my kids think my story is just as interesting. My husband and I both went to an art high school – he was a breakdancer, and at the time, I belly danced! We’ve known each other for a long time, so when people ask “How did you two meet?” my short answer is “We’ve been together since before the dinosaurs.” 

Wow – another fantastic story! There is dancing in both generations! 

Yes, there is! 

All right – last question. What is your very favorite thing about being a part of the Heyday team?

My favorite part is the energy of the therapists! You can hear them all speaking so passionately to their clients in the shop. There is a unifying energy between the team as well – we all love sharing our passion for skin with each other and the clients. We are, truly, so excited about skin and teaching our clients about skin. We learn from each other, and there is always conversation happening. We’re not just “steaming and creaming.”

I love that phrase – steaming and screaming – because I can immediately think of times where I’ve experienced that service firsthand. 

Yes, that happens, but not here. At Heyday we teach clients about their skin, help them achieve their goals, and assist in setting real expectations. It’s about keeping the integrity of the skin and keeping it healthy. We want you to walk away with an education, too! 

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