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Care/of Are Revolutionizing and Personalizing Vitamins (and Making Them Look Real Good, Too)

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When taking Vitamin D, take D3 because it is the type that your body produces.

We’ve all walked into a vitamin shop(pe?), looked around dazed, confused, and probably turned off by ugly bottles that all look the same. BYE to all of that. Care/of is the personalized vitamin experience of your wellness dreams. We chatted with the founders on vitamins.

Why vitamins? What inspired Care/of to get into this space?

We’ve all had that moment standing in the vitamin aisle, totally confused about what vitamins to take. And nobody in the drugstore really has the expertise to help you figure it out. Having had those experiences, our founders, Craig Elbert and Akash Shah, just knew there could be a better way to help customers find the supplements they need, using a combination of nutrition expertise, technology, and great design.

We set out to create a vitamins brand that offers helpful, honest guidance about how supplements can help you be healthier, in a friendly way.

What does Care/of hope to achieve with your brand and your customers, both in vitamins and beyond?

We want to make it easier (and more fun) for people to be healthier. People give incredible thought to their diets and health goals, and towards living a healthy lifestyle. We want to help them further their wellness goals by making it very easy to find the right supplements to take, and to make those vitamins and supplements a fun art of their daily routine.

What’s the most common misconception about vitamins that people have?

Multivitamins are really common, but depending on your health goals and diet, they can really fall short in providing the nutrients you need because they’re made with an ‘average’ diet and person in mind. But each person is unique - with different diets (Vegan? Gluten free? Paleo?) and health goals, so it makes sense that your vitamins and supplements regimen would be unique too. By taking vitamins that truly complete your nutrition profile, you can do your body good and help with your health goals.

What makes Care/of different than the rest out there?

An important part of the experience is that we help you determine what supplements you need. We ask you a few questions about the most important elements of your health needs and recommend the right supplements based on guidance from our advisory board including doctors & researchers. Ultimately, we create a daily pack of vitamins created just for you - so it’s a personalized experience from start to end.

We are also intent on creating the best quality supplements - made with ingredients sourced from natural environments around the globe and made using clean practices. As an example our fish oil is sourced from Wild Alaskan salmon and our turmeric is farmed in India and other countries. We haven’t seen other vitamin brands invest in testing and quality the way we have, and they definitely are not transparent about their practices.

What’s your favorite ingredient/vitamin and why?

It’s so hard to pick a favorite! But one that comes up a lot is Rhodiola. It’s an herbal supplement that helps support energy, and there’s some fascinating emerging research about it. Ours is sourced from the Altai Mountains in Russia.

What are the biggest vitamin deficiencies we have in winter/this season? And what can you do about them?

Vitamin D: In winter, it’s so common to not be getting enough vitamin D. If you live in the north or spend a lot of time indoors, it’s hard for your body to produce enough, especially in the winter. Taking vitamin D is an easy fix! Our vitamin D is the D3 form, which is the kind of vitamin D your body produces, and is fermented with whole foods so it’s easier on the body.

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