Meet Eunice, Heyday Member and new New Yorker

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Eunice Ahn

she says

Remove your makeup at night! Sometimes it can feel like such a chore, especially after a long day, but it helps prevent breakouts and I feel generally better when you wake up.

Hi Eunice! To start, what do you do?

I work at an ad agency in midtown. It can be stressful, especially because I only moved to the city less than a year ago. Getting to know New York has been exciting but hectic, so I was relieved to find Heyday-- it’s been the perfect place to take a moment for myself.

Welcome to New York!

Thank you! It all happened quite fast. I was here in November for an interview, and within a week I signed a lease for an apartment in the Financial District and had a job offer. Somehow, I was able to keep up!

What do you think of the city so far?

I’m really liking it. The people have been great, and there's that New York energy that is so unique to the city. You feel it when you arrive, and then you get swept up in it.

You found Heyday soon after you moved here – did you happen upon us by chance or were you looking for a skincare shop?

Skincare is super important to me, so I was definitely in search of a facial and skincare shop! Of course, beauty isn’t everything, but I always feel my most confident when I have great skin. I wanted to find a Skin Therapist I trusted.

Heyday popped up online and I was enticed by the positive reviews. I also loved the aesthetics and branding itself, and wanted to see the space in person! Lucky enough, I was booked with Cheryl for my very first appointment, and now I see her once a month. I can’t imagine not seeing her.

Have you learned anything from your Skin Therapist, Cheryl, that's positively affected your routine?

I always thought I had oily skin, but Cheryl assessed me at my first facial and told me that I actually had a normal skin type! I had been using some products for oily skin types, so she helped me refine and balance my routine.

What is your favorite Heyday product?

In total, I think I own 7 face products from Heyday, and I plan on getting more this month.  I just need to make sure I have enough room in my bathroom cabinet!  I love every single product I own, but if I'd have to pick one, the Image sunscreen is amazing. I love it because it smells great and doesn't feel stick like most SPF products.  I even make my boyfriend put it on every day.

What is your go-to skin tip?

My skin tip is always remove your makeup at night. Sometimes it can feel like such a chore, especially after a long day, but it helps prevent breakouts and I feel generally better when you wake up!

In your opinion, what is a perfect New York City afternoon?

I’m a big museum go-er, so I’ve felt spoiled by this city. I went to the Comme de Garcons exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art recently and I absolutely loved it.

Fill in the blank.... ________day.


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