Meet Heyday Member & Software Engineer Rachel, Who Wants to Pave a Path for Young Women in Science

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Rachel Ober!

quick advice

Oil has a purpose on your face-- don't fear it, work with it!

Hi Rachel! For starters-- what do you do?

 I’m a software engineer at the shaving product company Harry’s! I’ve been a software engineer since 2008, after graduating from Northeastern University. I also started a chapter of a grassroots program called RailsBridge to help teach girls the programming language called Ruby on Rails.

 That’s wonderful! It’s so nice that you want to share your work and passion with young women who may not be as encouraged to become engineers as young men.

 Yeah, I’ve found a really nice community in this space, and I believe in bringing other women up in engineering field-- it’s something I’m always thinking about. Whether it’s RailsBridge or my work at Harry’s, inclusion and diversity is always on my mine, and how we can make products where everyone feels seen.

 Harry’s seems like a great company to work for-- what drew you in when you were looking for new opportunities?

 What won me over about Harry's was the team! There is  such a focus on growth and doing things in a happier way. I've been in very stressful and toxic environments in the past, but at Harry’s it’s about open communication, constant feedback and working together.

 When did you first start visiting Heyday?

 Late 2015, when it first opened! It was where my interest in skincare began, really. I had been dealing with a lot of skin issues that were caused by my birth control, which I didn’t realize at the time. I came into Heyday and talked about my chin and jawline acne and explained that I didn’t have skin issues when I was younger, and was not trying to navigate this in my 30's. The acne was weighing heavily on my confidence and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.

 I started seeing Jenna, and after a few months started seeing Liana. They both have similar philosophies, and what I liked was that they explained what each product was and answered all of my questions honestly and in detail. That’s what I most enjoy-- my Skin Therapist helping me understand my skin better. I’m really interested in the science and development of skincare products, and why they do what they do. My Skin Therapist breaking down each ingredient is so interesting to me!

 Do you have an at-home skincare routine?

 I didn't initially have a skincare routine, so almost everything I use now is exclusively from Heyday! I love the Vitamin D Moisture Mist from One Love Organics, the Ash + Sage Facial Earth Mask from Shaffali, and Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturizer by Image Skincare. I never feel pressured into buying any products, so everything I own I feel really great about!  And that member discount on products helps, too.

 What is your go-to skincare tip?

 Always use sunscreen! I don't tan, I just burn, but I remember not taking the proper precautions when I was younger and I regret that. When I was in college I went to the beach with my parents in September, and I remember not thinking I needed sunscreen simply because I didn’t consider it “a summer month”, which is ridiculous, looking back!

 What are the best tips and tricks you’ve learned from Skin Therapists?

 I have an oily skin type, and I used to fear it. When I started coming to Heyday, I learned that oil has a purpose on your face! I used to not like wearing moisturizer by itself because I felt oily, so I wore makeup on top, but thanks to my altered routine I feel confident not wearing any makeup at all! I feel so light! I've learned so much and been through a lot to find the right balance. I was always jealous of my sister who never wears makeup and has such nice skin and one of my goals was to be confident without makeup. And today, coincidentally, I'm not wearing any. 

How do you feel?

...I feel absolutely wonderful. 


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