Meet Lindsay and Sarah, Best Friends and Co-Founders of Compass & Twine

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Compass + Twine

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When traveling, remember to hydrate and moisturize after sitting on a dry plane!

Imagine starting a business with your best friend: could you do it? Now, imagine you're running a business while flying around the world, sharing hotel rooms, and writing about your adventures. Whether this sounds like your ultimate fantasy or too great of a challenge, it's Compass + Twine founders Lindsay and Sarah's reality. The two run their travel and lifestyle blog and social media, highlighting the best destinations and travel tips around New York City and beyond. In honor of Best Friends Day (yes, apparently this is a thing, on Thursday, June 8), we interviewed the two jet-setting pals to learn more about being business partners and close friends. 

How did Compass + Twine begin?

Lindsay: In our past lives, Sarah was in finance and I was working in media. I moved to New York six years ago, and when we meet we were both looking for a change in careers. We immediately bonded over our love of travel and planning trips.

Sarah: We started a trip-planning company for clients in New York and people coming visiting the city. Our website started as a place to house ideas and recommendations, but it eventually evolved into a travel influencer guide and brand. We wanted to highlight locations and experiences naturally.

What was the process of coming up with the name?

Lindsay: Honestly... it happened over vino! Sarah came up with it and even though we brainstormed 100 other possibilities, we kept coming back to Compass + Twine so it stuck! 

How did the two of you become friends?

Lindsay: Sarah and her boyfriend (now husband) were invited to my wedding! Our husbands were friends, and I didn’t know her at the time. Once I moved to New York, we become friends.

Sarah: It’s so funny to look at photos, because we’re in a few together but we didn’t really know each other! We laugh about it now.

Lindsay: And once we connected it was another year until Compass + Twine began.

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What has been one of the biggest milestones for your relationship and business?

Lindsay: A great moment that comes to mind is when we went to Mexico and got to bring our husbands along! We do most of our traveling and campaigns together, but every now and then we get offers that overlap so we bring husbands as our plus 1. Last year we had been on the road together constantly, so getting to bring our spouses together was really special. We were working on a campaign in Mexico City, which happened to be on their bucket lists, too. They were able to see how Sarah and I work together and watch all of our hard work in motion – it was so exciting to show them that.


What’s one of the greatest challenges you face as constant travelers?

Sarah: Logistics! When it comes to travel, a lot can go wrong (laughs). Even locally in New York City-- an amazing restaurant could be closed the day you were planning on reviewing, or it rains all day when you’re upstate for a photoshoot. We just try to keep each other smiling and stay silly!

What is your go-to travel tip?

Lindsay: Always pack a carry-on! You never know what is going to happen to your luggage if you check it. It’s also a great way to keep your packing list simple.

Sarah: It’s always worth doing a little research. Take 2 or 3 hours to learn about the fantastic local restaurants and map out the destinations you absolutely have to see. I’ve been in situations where you walk out of the hotel and find yourself pouring over a map on the sidewalk, and it gets stressful and chaotic fast. Do a little planning, and you can add in some spontaneous adventures as you go along.


I love that you not only highlight popular destinations, but local spots that are frequented in locals daily routines.

Lindsay:  We really enjoy sharing where the the local gym or grocery store is. We want people to get a sense of what an average day is like, not just the top tourist destinations that they could find on every other tourism site!

Now, you knew we’d ask about skincare! What’s your daily routine?

Lindsay:  Truthfully, I’m on the obsessive side! I always travel with my daytime cream, night cream, face wash, eye makeup remover, and sunscreen. Planes are infamous for their dry, recycled air, and your skin can suffer if you don’t properly care for it.

Our Skin Therapists will be so pleased to know that you use SPF every day!

Lindsay: Always! We were on a trip recently and it wasn’t particularly sunny, but we looked at each other and were totally sunburned! We weren't expecting it, though I knew in the back of my mind that the sun's rays can still have a powerful effect when it's cloudy. I always try to be really careful and apply everyday.

Sarah: I’m lazier when it comes to skincare, but I always stay hydrated and I use an oil cleanser before bed to wash off the day.


Are there challenges in working and creating a business with your close friend?

Sarah: We’re lucky, because our backgrounds are so different! We bring different skills and talents to the table because we’re interested in different aspects of the business. We meet in the middle with photography and writing and other creative efforts! We tackle everything together, and if it's a difference in opinion, we talk it out. We value our relationship, and try to always remember that that needs to come first.

Fill in the blank: _day

Lindsay: Sparkly Day

Sarah: Coconut Day

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. All photos by Compass + Twine. Follow them on Instagram and read their blog here!

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