Meet Mary Catherine, Heyday Member

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Member Mary Catherine

she says

I’ve recently been exfoliating more. It helps to get rid of the New York ick.

What do you do?
Between nannying and auditioning, I somehow find time to make custom small-batch ice cream out of my home kitchen in Chelsea. Look me up: @BetterIceCreamed.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I’ve dreamed of being on Broadway since I was a girl, but I’ve secretly got an itch to Lorelai Gilmore and open up a Bed + Breakfast with my sister.

Mary Catherine Ice Cream

What’s your way of taking care of yourself?
Because ice cream is a steadfast part of my diet, exercise and eating right 95% of the time are key. I swear by Karen Nuccio’s Warrior Strategy for group fitness and moderation is my health mantra. 

Why Heyday?

I initially saw a post featuring Heyday on Instagram, and the decor caught my eye. Guilty! I’m big on aesthetics, and yours just felt right. Running around New York definitely takes a toll on my skin, and after almost 6 years here, I’m finally doing something about it. Once I had my first facial, I was hooked. Everybody was kind and attentive, and because I was so zen, I nodded off after a few minutes. I was hoping I could stay the night!

Your favorite skincare hacks?
Marika, my Skin Therapist, recommended the Image Ormedic Balancing Serum you sell, and I can’t get enough of the smell. It’s like candy! I’ve also recently been exfoliating more, and it helps to get rid of the New York ick.

Fill in the blank: _________day

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