Meet Monica, Heyday Member and feminist hero

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She Says

I never start and end a year with the same haircut/style/color.

For starters – what do you do?
I am the Advocacy Manager for Women Thrive Alliance, a feminist advocacy organization representing over 280 grassroots women's rights and gender equality organizations around the world.

How do you take care of yourself (this can mean mind, body, or both)?
I would call this my "self care" routine. For my mind - I speak to a therapist weekly, and I am not ashamed about it, because that is what keeps me focused, determined and self-reflexive so that I can be the best version of myself. I also exercise regularly - without Flywheel spin classes I would actually lose my mind! I *try* to keep a solid healthy diet and a solid social life that includes a glass of red wine. Also, I would be remiss if I didn't include my monthly Heyday facials (even though now I've relocated to DC) because my skin has had a hard time since I got off hormonal birth control. Liana at the NoMad location literally saves me (and my confidence) each month!

What is the very best part about getting a facial?
It's *very* hard to pick one part...I'd say it's a tie between the mask/enzyme scrub, when I get high-frequency zapping on my zits/pimples, AND extractions! Seriously so satisfying. Also just all the beautiful-smelling products - my own home routine is now a mini Heyday because I want to feel THAT refreshed each and every day.

What’s your favorite skincare trick/ritual that you’ve learned?
I use the Naturopathica Moss Mask topically on my hormonal acne zits + pimples every other day because it works like magic to decrease the swelling and ultimately the length they stay on my face. Plus it smells / feels so good. 

If you could soak in a giant bubble bath overlooking any setting, where would you be? 
The African savannah with some herds of Elephants walking past (specifically, the Maasai Mara in Tanzania or Kenya).

What's a surprising fun fact about you?
I never start and end a year with the same haircut/style/color .

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