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Meet Rachel Drori, Founder of Daily Harvest

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Rachel Drori Daily Harvest

she says

I was someone who always aspired to eat well but too often, found myself grabbing unhealthy convenient foods for sheer lack of time.

Hi Rachel! To start, what initially prompted you to create your superfood smoothie & soup to-your-door business, Daily Harvest?
The idea of DH really came from personal need. I was someone who always aspired to eat well but too often, found myself grabbing unhealthy convenient foods for sheer lack of time. I’m sure you can relate to those days when you look up from your computer, it’s 3pm, and you realize you haven't eaten lunch, are starving, and about to get really "hangry"... You grab the closest and fastest thing you can find. Between work, family, and the other 10,000 commitments we all have in our lives, I knew there had to be a way to make real, whole foods that were convenient but did not require any compromise in the way I wanted to eat.

We've read some interesting information that suggests frozen foods can hold just as much nutrition (or more) as room temperature foods. Can you speak more to this?
Yes, absolutely! Having smoothie ingredients delivered to you is a huge benefit, especially when delivered frozen like Daily Harvest. Daily Harvest actually stands out amongst similar services because our product is frozen, where we are offering the highest level of nutrition in fruits and vegetables and preventing food waste. Farm-freezing our produce is our secret sauce because the produce is picked at its nutritional peak, whereas stuff in the grocery store is picked before it’s actually ripe and sits on trucks for weeks on its way to the store while it's nutrient content is degrading.

Also, the freezing processing generally involves chopping the ingredients before they're frozen so it doesn’t matter if some of the produce isn’t picture-perfect. It still tastes delish. Eat frozen, eat ugly, and prevent food waste.

What is your process when you create a new smoothie? Do you think or taste first, or benefit (like energy, immunity, etc.?)
We have a team of chefs and nutritionists that I work together with on recipe development. We developed our smoothie range around a spectrum meant for every smoothie "use case" - breakfast, dessert, sneaking more veggies into your diet, etc. We then overlay a deep knowledge of functional foods or "superfoods" that provide the benefits our members actively seek. Most importantly, they have to taste amazing!

Do you have a personal favorite smoothie?
Blueberry Hemp. That reminds me, I’m going to grab one right now!

How does Daily Harvest differ from your neighborhood smoothie shop?
One advantage is definitely price. Savings vary depending on where you live, but if you're on the coasts you can't leave an organic juice bar without spending at least $12 on a smoothie...and that's without any "add ins". Since people in these areas generally have less freezer space, the comparison is our $7.99 box of 6 smoothies. In the center of the country, prices drop a bit but we find this works out really well since people in this region generally have more freezer space and are able to take advantage of the savings on our 24 box which is $6.99 a blend.

Furthermore, a lot of the ingredients we offer are not available in many places around the country, plus there are not juice bars on every corner like there are here in New York so the ability to discover new superfoods and the convenience of having a smoothie bar in your freezer is quite valuable. And, of course, there are those benefits of frozen that we discussed earlier.

What is a skincare tip & trick that never fails you?
I'm all about exfoliation. I use a Foreo at night before applying cream and oil.

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