Meet Romanka, Skin Therapist and Nurse

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she says

If you have “good skin” or are happy with it, do not take it for granted.

Why'd you get into skincare? 
It was really by chance. I needed a part time job, so I started working at Origins. I didn’t know anything about skin care at that point, not even was an esthetician was. Origins had very good training, and I just became fascinated with skin physiology and cosmetic chemistry. I had found my passion in skin care and working with clients. Before that, I was working in theatre, designing sets, carpentry, painting.   

What do you want every client to leave with? 
A sense that I was able to help them meet their goals, or at least set them on the right trajectory. And of course, a smile. 

We hear you're in school while you work at Heyday. What are you studying? 
I’ve been working on getting my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. My goal is to become a Dermatological Nurse Practitioner. I think it’s been the most challenging thing I’ve ever done in my life so far, but it’s been great. Brutal at times, but great. 

What do you do to personally take care of yourself? 
I really put an emphasis on my mental health - trying to maintain a good, positive, and happy head space and staying away from toxic people or situations. 

If you could share one bit of advice to our clients, what would it be? 
If you have “good skin” or are happy with it, do not take it for granted. Be proactive in maintaining its optimal health on a daily basis.  If you are not happy with your skin, never despair and never give up. We are 100% here to help you. In some cases, it might take a “little more work,” but in the end, it is totally worth it. 

Favorite Color?

Describe yourself in just one sentence.
I’m an old soul with a young heart.

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