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Meet Suzanne, Skin Therapist and Giant Bubble of Good Energy

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Suzanne in one line

I’ll keep those collagen strands stimulated until my head falls off.

Name: Suzanne

Where are you from?

Born in Kansas City, Missouri. I grew up right off of Stateline Rd, the road that separates the states of Kansas and Missouri.

How did you get into skincare?

Kind of in a roundabout way. I used to work at a spa in the Midwest. Now, I’m a very hairy person, so I was used to being waxed, but one day I decided that I wanted to learn how to use wax. Let me tell you, they make that look so easy! But, I loved to learn about it. For a long time, I was selling spa products to estheticians around the United States. I sold three lines out of Europe and I figured out that I had a knack for skincare. It didn’t really seem like work. I loved it and going hands-on seemed like the next logical progression. 20 years later, here I am!

After so many years in the industry, you must have developed your practice a lot. How would you describe your practice?

I try to be as ethical as possible. I don’t give anyone any false expectations. I’ll shoot straight with you, because that’s how I like to be addressed. I want to listen to my clients and adapt to what their needs are. A lot of times clients don’t know what their skin is really lacking, so it’s my job to educate them. I bring result-oriented strategies and education to the table. I also like the relaxing part of the treatment, I love a good massage. So, I like to balance it all.

What is your favorite product?

Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Masque from Image, it is my baby. But also, Heyday has created an LED Light Therapy monster out of me. I was skeptical at first, but not anymore. In fact, my co-workers laugh at me and tell me that the red LED light is my Windex (you know, like from My Big Fat Greek Wedding?). I act like it cures everything. I have my own LED. I’ll keep those collagen strands stimulated until my head falls off. I use it 3 times a week.

Not such a bad addiction.

Oh, I also might have a stem cell addiction. At first I was unsure about it. Plant stem cells? What? But honestly, I am very impressed with the results that I’ve been witnessing as I’ve used them more. I started to see results in only a few days. It’s definitely more a treatment product. I’d recommend 30 days on, 90 days off. It’s super concentrated, obviously. I think that’s why you notice results so quickly. If I was on a desert island though, I’d choose the Enzyme Masque.

Do you have any general advice based on what you've seen with clients?

Our skin needs oil and our skin needs water. I know we’re so trained to not want oil on our skin, but we need it. I see a lot of clients using heavy creams on their face to try to combat dry skin but then they break out and panic. You need water and hydration to keep skin healthy. That’s where I think that the right hydrating serum is a great idea. It’ll help you get that perfect balance.

There’s a lot of skincare misinformation out there, where do you get your information?

I’m a hands-on investigator. When I owned a shop in the Midwest, I would never stock something that I hadn’t put on my skin. I’ll try anything.

You must have very resilient skin.

Actually, I have very sensitive skin and often turn bright red. I love the Golden Hour Recovery Cream from Ursa Major to calm my skin back down. I love everything Ursa Major. It’s high quality, products that work at a great price. I also love the small guy from Vermont. I want to help the small guy. I’m Team Small Guy. Massive skincare companies have to produce mass amounts of products, so they have to make them cheaper and use fillers. It's never the same.

What are three things that you like that don't have to do with skin?

  • I’m a former gardener, so I love beautiful plants. I grew everything from vegetables to flowers.

  • I love to bake. I make a mean shortbread. It is a labor of love and I’ve seen grown men have fistfights over it.

  • I adore animals. I love them all, I can't even pick a favorite type.

Fill in the blank: ________

Adventurousday. I’m all about the adventure, baby!

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