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This Fruit Enzyme Rich Peel Is Here To Give You A Perfect Glow

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Naturopathica's Sweet Cherry

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Grape, honeysuckle, pomegranate, and cherries make this peel almost good enough to eat

Our Skin Therapist Esme calls this her "drunken cherry peel." 

"I tell all my clients. I'm going to get your skin drunk." And she's not totally wrong. 

This enzyme-rich peel has wine extract in it! Which, in this case, is for more than just trying to get through dinner with your parents. The wine extract, from cabernet sauvignon grapes, is a potent antioxidant and brightener, which means it can brighten your skin from sun damage (which you shouldn't have because you're wearing your sunscreen!) and protect it from environmental damage. Speaking of uneven skin tone, the sweet cherry in this mask, which gives it it's intoxicating smell, also helps prevent skin discoloration. 

Now you might be wondering why it's called a peel, as that sounds fairly dramatic. A peel is, at its simplest, a form of chemical exfoliation (importantly, that means exfoliation by chemical action, not exfoliation filled with chemicals). 

We speak a bit more about this here, but the tl;dr of it is that peels are like little chemical pacmen that eat up "glue" that holds our dead skin cells together. 

Featuring acids like lactic acid, they’re designed to work on things like deep lines and wrinkles, acne conditions, and pigmentation/dark spots, all of which start in layers of the skin deeper than a physical exfoliant can reach. 

This Sweet Cherry goodness is packed with lactic acid, a popular AHA, which makes that cell turnover happen. It comes in a professional-only grade that you might get in your facial (i.e., double the concentration of acid to get deeper results under a watchful pro eye) but you can also take this fellow home. 

Chat with a Skin Therapist about how often and long to use it. With any leave-on product (like a peel or mask), we always say start shorter and work your way up. We promise the few minutes with this Sweet Cherry Enzyme Peel will be blissfully delicious. Just don't eat it (though Naturopathica is so clean, you'd probably be totally fine).

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