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A Quick Reminder For If You Wear Makeup

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Fenty Beauty
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We know...

We know you never want to take your Fenty off, but just trust us on this one.
A quick take:

  • Don't wear your makeup to bed.
  • Don't just use a makeup wipe as a makeup remover and cleanser.
  • Try a double cleanse (one oil, one gel or cream) to get all your makeup off

Taking makeup off can be a struggle. If you want something strong enough to last the day and the New York City elements, especially in the summer, you might have to put on a primer of superglue. So it's only natural that at the end of the night, we want to take everything off as quickly and in the least labor-intensive way possible. This is where those makeup remover wipes come in. You know them, they come in large packs so you can pull each one out separately. They're easy, they won't leave any mess on your towels, when your makeup comes off, it's satisfying that you can see the process of your face becoming clean. But, is your face really that clean?

Not as clean as it seems. Many wipe packages tell you excitedly that you don't have to rinse after but we'd disagree with this (sorry!). Makeup, like all products, have a water or oil base. This decides if it sits on top of your skin or seeps into it. It also is what makes it hard to take off. So what now? Well ourĀ Skin Therapist, Heidi recommends that you "get your makeup off with something that will emulsify your makeup and then cleanse." Emulsifiers are needed in many products to help oil and water bind together, as oil and water naturally separate. Think of an oil-based salad dressing bottle that you need to shake. You need something to actually mix with your makeup to take it off. This ensures that you're really cleaning your skin instead of just rubbing cleanser on top of product leftovers. Luckily, we have just the thing!

Think of your wipe as the first step of a nighttime double cleanse, which we're big fans of (just what it sounds like, two rounds of cleansing). So what do we recommend for the second round? The Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover from One Love Organics, for sure. It is an oil cleanser that you apply dry, emulsify and rub with wet fingers, and then rinse off. Next, we reach for the gel or cream cleanser best suited for your skin to cleanse away the rest. Double cleansing might seem like a lot, but it helps get all the debris, makeup, bacteria, and pollution off of your skin. Do you really want that on your pillow? Our skin absorbs the most while we sleep, thus it's important to give it a break from the makeup and let it rest and repair itself. So, follow your nighttime routine and meet up with your Glossier in the morning.

So, double down on the double cleanse, and meet up with your makeup in the morning. Though, with all this skincare self-care, we're feeling you #makeupfree.

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