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A super-cleanse to take the spook out of post-Halloween skin

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Halloween Makeup

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Basically, double your cleansing routine.

If Halloween is your jam, then now is the time you go nuts with the makeup to totally transform yourself in something other-worldly. We're all for it! Many of us at Heyday are also trained make-up artists, so 'tis the season. 

But if you're caking it on for a scare (or laugh) this Halloween, a super cleanse is key so the scare doesn't happen the following morning. We've outlined a souped-up three-step routine for after you come home.

Double up your double cleanse (quad cleanse?)

We preach and teach the double cleanse – an oil cleanser followed by a gel or cream cleanser – to get the day's debris, the city's grime, and the traces of makeup off our skin for a clean canvas. 

For post-Halloween makeup, double the double cleanse. "I would really work in that oil cleanser for awhile, emulsifying and breaking up the makeup that's caked on from the night. Double your time and do each step twice" says Jenna, Skin Therapist. 

Meghan, a Skin Therapist and actress who's used to the stage makeup, has a great add. "If you want to save your gorgeous Vitamin B Oil, do a first pass with olive or coconut oil. It'll remove the bulk of the makeup prior to another round with your finer cleanser like the Vitamin B Oil. I once played an elderly woman and the makeup was layered on to age me, so you can imagine it was a lot. Olive oil really helped get the bulk of it off first."

"Doing the first pass with your oil using a textured cotton pad from the drug store really helps grab the makeup first," says Danielle, Skin Therapist. "Then use your hands and oil cleanse as usual."

Once you've oil cleansed twice, then use your gentle gel or cream cleanser with two passes. Don't forget the jawline, hairline, and under-ear area. 

Follow with a toner for another layer of removal and balancing.

A great toner will remove what our 'quad cleanse' didn't get and get your skin ready to receive some TLC moisture before bed.

Trade that mask for this mask.

"Definitely do a detox or hydrating mask that night before bed. Even both," says Jenna. A detox mask will do exactly what it says and give you another pass of purity post-face paint. A hydrating mask will replenish after all of that cleansing. Some, like the Alchimie Kantic Brightening Mask, a hydrating favorite of ours, "can be applied like a moisturizer and left on overnight, which I'd do after Halloween," Jenna adds.

And if you're reading this before Halloween...

If you're a serious planner, do a spot test of your Halloween makeup to see if your skin is happy (maybe 'content' is a better word) with the cake-on. This way you won't have any rude surprises the next morning. 

About that candy...

Mind your sugar intake for those pesky breakouts that might come with it... 

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