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Think Of Your Skincare Routine Like A Wardrobe: Adjust It Seasonally

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You still need to wear your SPF during the winter! No matter how few hours of sunlight we get.

‘Tis the season of perhaps the biggest environmental changes for us and our skin here in New York. As the leaves fall, the little shifts in the air temperature (inside and outside), our schedules, our diets, and our holiday travel can add up to a big affect on our skin.

We recommend doing a few things differently to maintain great skin through the colder and drier months.

“Think of your skincare routine like a wardrobe,” says one of our Skin Therapists. “If you wear shorts in winter, your body may not be too happy about it. It should get tweaked throughout the year.”

Just as we wouldn’t with our closets, we don’t get rid of everything. We’re not here to blow up your bathroom cabinet (or wallet) with new products. Firstly, that’s too expensive, and secondly, our skin craves consistency. We’re about making small, smart tweaks to avoid the dry, flaky skin, surprise breakouts, tightness, or less-than-glowing skin that can come with the chillier days in the months ahead.


The steps in our routines may be the same (cleanse, treat, hydrate, repair), but here are five changes we can layer in to keep our skin happy and hydrated:

1. Switch to a creamier cleanser. Cream cleaners remove dirt and makeup, but strip less oil from the skin, which helps keep us more hydrated.

2. Add an exfoliating step into your routine. If you don’t already exfoliate weekly, this is a great time to build this step into your routine. Your skin is able to absorb moisturizers more effectively when the surface layer of dead skin cells is gently removed. (An added bonus is that regular exfoliation helps give you that post-summer glow that we often lose as we spend less time outside.)

3. Try a more nourishing moisturizer. Richer moisturizers can provide your skin more hydration in the drier months of the year. You don’t have to toss aside whatever moisturizer you love and works for you, though. Try integrating something richer just at night when your skin is repairing.

4. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Keep using your mineral-based sunscreen during the winter days. The days may be shorter, but the low sun still gives off the same aging UVA rays as it does in the months when we’ve got sand in our shoes.

5. Take care of the rest of your body. ‘Tis the season when head, shoulders, knees and toes (and hands, and elbows…) need a little love. Keep hand and body moisturizers around to keep the rest of your skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

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