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Tips From the Heyday Guys For The Guys

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quick advice

For all you bearded guys out there, take care of the skin underneath it. It doesn't see the light of day!

“Keep the beard area hydrated. The skin beneath the hair, especially if you don’t shave daily, can often be neglected and dry. Massage your moisturizer in there and/or try a beard oil.”

– Gregory, Skin Therapist

“I second Gregory. Tired of these dry beards in here! Just to add: removing gender norms in term of self-care. We all need to take care of ourselves! Also, stop using bar soap and start moisturizing.”

– Dwayne, Skin Therapist

“Shower before shaving to soften your beard hair. Leave the shaving cream on for at least a minute. Then shave with the hair, not against it, if you want to avoid in-growns and razor burn.” 

– Eddie, Skin Therapist

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