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12 Skin Therapists On The Skincare Advice Their Moms Have Given Them

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the worst advice?

My mom told me to put baby oil all over my skin when we were at camp or at the beach – worst idea ever!
Moms always know best, right? In honor of Mother's Day, we wanted to hear what tips our Heyday team learned from Mom about skin – and if any of the tips stuck. Some very much did, and others... well, did not.


"One of the best tips my mom gave me was about product application. How to apply everything with proper movements, without dragging the skin down. Makeup, skincare, it doesn’t matter what it is, always upward moves. She also bought me my first cucumber-aloe toner when I started breaking out at age of 13. She taught me to shake it first and shake it well! She said that I need to have good skin because people always look at your skin when they speak with you."

"My mom is a big believer in Vaseline on chapped skin. And not just the lips – everywhere! Hands, feet, arms... I really meant everywhere! In terms of a routine, she taught me to use Noxzema to cleanse and Oil of Olay to moisturize, they were set products in her routine."

"Don't get involved with men. Less stress, better for the skin. She also taught me that avocado was good for the skin. And she said, 'no make-up'."

"The worst tip my ever mom gave me was to put baby oil all over my skin when we were at camp or at the beach – worst idea ever! The best tip my mom gave me (after I hopped on the puberty train) was to mask 2x a week, starting out with aloe and honey on my face. Because of this, my facial masks are pretty strong!

When it comes to my kids, first and foremost, we never leave the house without SPF. For itchy, reactive skin, we use 1 cup of pulverized oatmeal in the tub (soaking relieves the skin from discomfort!) They know not to share lip products – I’ve taught them that it is like sharing a toothbrush! That’s how germs can spread!"


"I think I taught my mom everything she knows about skin! Becoming an esthetician was the best thing that happened to my mom. She's pretty happy about all the facials and products. Literally, I didn't grow up with skincare. My mom put me on Proactive and Clearasil when I was a teen." 

"My mom went back to become an esthetician later in life as well. We've both had it as a second career. We've both lived through the baby oil outside phase of life. Now we're both about SPF, non-stop, all the time. It's a little too late for us, but better late than never."


"My mom's advice for skin is to start from inside. She taught us about balancing yin and yang energies in the foods that we eat. For more immaculate things, she used to mix egg whites with pearl powder to make a detox/brightening mask."


"My grandmother lived through the war. Even when they had nothing, she still made a point to hydrate her skin to feel good about herself. She took that very seriously! I grew up with that. And saunas, where all kinds of skincare and skin treatments were. "

"My great aunt got me into herbs when I was young. We'd go in the forest and collect herbs. She made her own tinctures and would make face masks for us. I smelled like Arnica for the first ten years of my life. I kind of miss that smell. It takes me right back."

"My mother actually knew very little about skincare, so I’ve become her teacher in this arena! However, she did have one piece of advice that she diligently preached and that I still follow to this day...stay out of the sun. Come to find out she was right. Darn! I hate it when they are right!"

"My mom didn’t really lend any skincare advice! I’ve found my own routine and tricks along the way. She didn’t do this, but the worst product that has been recommended to me was cold cream. Let’s just say it’s not my favorite."


"Our family 'routine' is quite simple, but it worked well through generations! Firstly, we clean our skin thoroughly at night with whatever we have available! There is no need to spend a lot of $ on something that goes down the drain. We keep it simple. Secondly, moisturize! Buying a daily moisturizer is quite different than the first step – you should invest in your moisturizer as much as you would spend on shoes. Your skin is worth investing in. Thirdly – DON'T TOUCH your face! Only a pro should touch your face." 

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