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The Heyday Snow Day Self-Care To-Do List

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Eddie & Ada Snow

quick advice

Do something to soothe the soul on a snow day.

Remember when it was 60° and sunny last week? Yeah, neither do we. To prepare for this glacial New York day, we wanted to bundle you up with a few tips for your day at home. We’re here to weather the storm with you. ;)


☑ With winter still here, keep using your moisturizer with a richer, heavier, weight to help your skin fight off dehydration (you may usually use this in the evenings, but this weather calls for two-a-days).

☑ We hope you didn’t put away your heavy outerwear just yet! Cover your face with a scarf to add protection against sensitization from the aggressive wind. 

☑ Enjoy a quick steamy shower to promote circulation (but not too long – too much steam can actually dry out your skin!).

☑ A diffuser is a must! Essential oils together, like lavender lemon and eucalyptus, can help release antimicrobial chemicals in the air to fight off the germs that leads to a cold. 

☑ Do a mask. Never have time for a mask? No excuses with a Nor’easter. 

☑ Play your favorite tunes - yes, it really helps! Listening to your favorite music can help calm you down and soothe inflammation.

☑  Don’t forget the feet! A homemade scrub of ground coffee, jojoba oil, and a few drops of ginger will refresh, polish and add heat to tired tissue in need of TLC. 

DON'TS (these are true, snow or shine!)

☒ We know the smell of SPF is a painful reminder of warmer days, but don’t leave the house without applying! Even in a metropolitan tundra, it’s a must. 

☒ Stay in your lane! Don’t use your friend's products – stick to your trusted go-to’s. 

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