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One facial feels great, but keeping your skin at its best is a long game. We’re right there with you.

The Memberships

The Alternating 30/50

A comprehensive 50 Minute facial one month and a 30 Minute facial the next.


A 50 Minute Facial every month to reset and refresh your skin.


The Monthly 75

A 75 Minute Facial every month to reset and refresh your skin.



How it Works

Billing & Booking

We automatically charge your card on file on the 1st of each month and you can book an appointment whenever it’s convenient for you, at any location.

Minimum Join Period

Memberships come with a six month minimum join period so you can see and feel the change of routine professional skincare. After that, you’re month to month.


Traveling? Taking a sabbatical from the city? You can freeze your membership for up to three months, once a year.

Interested in Joining?

You can easily join at the front desk after your first visit. Your facial that day can count as your first month, so you get all the benefits that go along with it.

What Members Say

There’s that quote that you spend a lot of time in your bed and shoes so you shouldn’t skimp on either, but I’ll spend forever in my face so that’s priority for me. Heyday makes my monthly facial a breeze. There’s no fuss. It’s calm and relaxed and I get to catch up with my skin queen, Chrissy.

- Corey K.

Coming to Heyday for a regular facial has changed my skin! When I first came in, my skin was over-treated and inflamed. Ten months lather (thank you, Sue!) it’s completely transformed. I’m more prepared than I’ve ever been for a #makeupfreemonday.

– Sarah P.

To be totally honest I came into Heyday because I hit a milestone birthday and was like, shoot, I have to be an adult now and stop using whatever is on sale at Duane Reade. I don’t have terrible skin, but it also wasn’t as great as I wanted it to be and I felt at a loss for how to create and maintain a routine. Coming into Heyday is honestly the highlight of my month. Alex is the kindest, most fun person to spend 30 or 50 minutes with and spill my “skin saga” to and she has really improved my skin by just treating it gently. Now my monthly facial is something I look forward to; it totally relaxes me. It is time that I treasure and really allow myself to take out for just me.

– Morgan S.

I came to Heyday in a state of emergency. It’s fair to say that I had neglected my skin throughout my 20s, and was really frustrated with how it was starting to look in my early 30s. I tried using various (expensive!) products, but when I started traveling a lot, my skin really started freaking out. I heard about Heyday through friends, loved the care and attention my esthetician Yasmin gave me, and have never looked back. It’s incredibly helpful to work with someone who has a holistic understanding of the wide array of products available and is specifically targeting my issues with such amazing products. My appointment at Heyday is the highlight of my month.

– Emily W.

Running around New York definitely takes a toll on my skin, and after almost 6 years here, I’m finally doing something about it. Once I had my first facial, I was hooked.

– Mary C.

I started getting facials when I turned 25 and realized I needed to start taking my skin seriously. Good, long-term habits are most successful when you start young, so I figured there was no time like the present.

– John M.

Life is so busy and the late nights, lack of sleep, long work days, tequila, sun, and city smog can take a toll! Regular facials keep my skin healthy and it is a time for me to relax and take care of myself.

– Abigail H.

I love the accountability of my monthly facial. It has kept me disciplined in my routine and interested in my skin. I have learned a tremendous amount from my therapist, Jenna, and love taking that 50 minutes for myself at the end of each month.

– Alexa B.

I had heard about Heyday from a few beauty editors and hinted to my boyfriend I wanted to try it, so he gave me a gift certificate for Christmas. I loved the vibe walking into the space—the décor and the music—everything about the experience felt refreshingly easy and modern. I’m a product junkie so discovering new brands is really fun for me. After my first facial with Katya I was hooked. I became a member to ensure I’m making the time every month and investing in taking care of my skin.

– Alexandra D.